Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Best bonnets were worn especially!

Cheers - It's ginger beer all round for these ladies!

Angelikas' fuel tank had to be taken out and be given a good clean, as sediment had begun to clog the fuel system after ten years!

Two happy punters had travelled a fair few miles to enjoy the nostalgia of Angelika!

The whole family were thrilled!

Crank up that engine!

Angelika has her own custom built trailer for surprises further afield.

Wow - what a surprise, as this young octogenarian saw i had replaced Angelikas' registration number with one that had adorned his own Austin Seven back in the day!

Three ladies and a gentleman!

Who's that cloth capped codger in the driving sear?

Smile and wave - smile and wave and even in the wet Angelika will come out to entertain her passengers.

I had just leaned over and sounded the klaxon horn 'AAHHOOOGAA' ha ha ha!

Even the 'Birthday Boys' wife enjoyed a spin!

Another happy recipient!

Smiles all round, including one of the lads from the local Fire Brigade who could'nt resist sitting in Angelika at the village summer fete! Afterwards she was driven onto the cottage hardstanding before being safely locked away in her garage.

A 200 mile round trip to Great Somerford in Wiltshire (near Marmsbury) had this family smiling!

Even a teddy wearing goggles gets a look in!

Angelika loves to pose for photographs!

The privately owned Church Lane is the ideal spot for a 'Birthday Boy' to take the wheel!